UNISTAFF, INC.                            A FLEXIBLE STAFFING ALTERNATIVE              

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For a staff you can count on ..... count on Unistaff

Unistaff, Inc. offers your organization the flexibility it needs to move forward, grow and prosper in today's challenging business environment. We are owned and managed by an experienced staff with an expansive skill set,
eager to help you connect with the right people for your team.

Unistaff offers each client valuable time and cost saving benefits as well us outstanding customers service. At the same time, we strive to meet the needs of each of our employees to make every opportunity a win-win.

Perhaps you have needs that extend beyond temporary staffing - we can help you with those too. Unistaff partners with other leaders in the fields of insurance, payroll and HR.

                                          Call us today to see how Unistaff can help you!!!

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